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Author Interview A Different Kind of Safari Tour

3 Nov


I’m interviewing Helen C. Hipp today, author of children’s picture book “A Different Kind of Safari”. Thanks to the author for answering my questions!

1.) First, tell us about yourself- where you live, your family and those sorts of details. 

Born in Yonkers, N.Y., in 1959, I am the middle child of five born to Thomas Ludlow Chrystie and Eliza Balis Chrystie. Having an artist as a mother provided me with endless opportunities to look at things from different perspectives. My father, whose work demanded strong problem-solving skills and out- of-the-box thinking, continually kept me on my toes, as well. Currently, I am 55 years old and with two children raised and living on their own, and school behind me, I reveal my adventurous side by trying new things: sky diving, horse camping and snorkeling. Quieter times are spent and enjoying friends, family and restful moments absorbing Vermont’s spectacular views from my back deck.


2.) How long have you been writing?

My first published work was for Family Magazine in 2009 so formally about 5 years.

3.) Do you have a favorite place to write?

No not really, for me any place that is comfortable and quiet works well.


4.)Why did you decide to write A Different Kind of Safari?

A Different Kind of Safari, combines all the best of my beliefs in a tale that celebrates differences. The children’s book puts into words the essence of my teachings—addressing the many questions life asks by offering up lighthearted, ever-changing perspectives that transform personal challenges into opportunities.


5.) Do you proofread/edit your own books or do you get someone else to do that for you?

I have a wonderful editor who is a big help to me as my eyes tend to skip over words from time to time.

6.)Tell us what you’re working on at the moment.

I am currently working on a writing project that is meant to assist adults with feelings of personal loss.

A Different Kind of Safari

bookcover_smallTitle: A Different Kind of Safari

Author: Helen Hipp

Genre: Children’s Books

Has a book ever changed your life? Not just inspired you but helped you to see you’re life differently? In a tale that celebrates differences “A Different Kind of Safari”  addressing the many questions life asks by offering up lighthearted, ever-changing perspectives that transform personal challenges into opportunities. Engaging and fun young children begin to figure out how they are the same and different from other people, and how they feel about the differences. Full of fun and enjoyable teachable moments that move children and allow them to make personal connections with the characters handling of similar fears, interests, and concerns that they experience.

Author Bio

Hip9860_7x5final150dpiHelen Hipp’s experience raising a special needs child led her to an M.A. in clinical psychology and certification as a life coach. She began her career as a psychotherapist to help people find answers for their life problems. Her work eventually evolved into a coaching practice, WithinU Life Coaching, focusing on individuals with special needs and their families. Helen uses her 13+ years of counseling experience and 20+ years’ experience as a successful advocate for individuals with special needs by helping them reveal their innate ability to solve difficult situations. Her debut book ” A Different Kind of Safari” puts into words the essence of Helen’s teachings addressing the many questions life asks by offering up lighthearted, ever-changing perspectives that transform personal challenges into opportunities.


For more information, visit the books official website and to see a picture of the real Rosie the real life pink hippo that inspired this story, go to www.adifferentkindofsafari.com

Award Winning Book trailer: http://youtu.be/5vd_sH64kt0

Buy the Book:

A Different Kind Of Safari | Hardcover


A Different Kind Of Safari | Hardcover


A Different Kind Of Safari | Audio Book



Interview for the book tour for Cameo

26 Sep


Today’s stop is an interview for the book tour for YA thriller / romance novel “Cameo”. I hope you enjoy the interview! I certainly had a blast reading through the author’s responses.

The Interview

Can you tell us a little about yourself? 

I like to do yoga. Lately I’ve been into nature walks for inspiration. I did one today and came home revved up for Broken part 2 – so crazy. I go back and forth between making music for my soundtracks and writing my drafts. I’m trying to find time to go back to horseback riding. It’s tough in New York City to find a place that’s not an hour plus outside the city. I now need that hour to write.

What is your role in the story?

This is an interesting question. Thank you for posing this. Very clever. I feel like my role in the story is to be the voice of the supporting characters as they interact and live with the main character.

What is your favorite hobby? 

Horseback riding. I miss it like crazy.

What is the challenge you’re trying to overcome during the story?

I think Nia’s main issue is trust and the story almost makes her trust issues worst . I feel like she has to overcome that in order to really solve her dilemma.

If you could make one wish, what would it be?

I would wish that we could live in better harmony with animals so that the endangered animal list could become extinct. We have such a huge impact on the environment with no concern for how other animals in the food chain are effected.

About Cameo

cameo_cover_1500Title: Cameo

Author: Tanille Edwards

Genre: YA thriller / romance

New Pop R & B Song “Baby Comeback to Me” by Tanille are included. Email us Music@Tanille.com for your songs. Cameo by Tanille is your next sinful beach read. Be 17 again! This page turning who done it is packed with mystery, drama, and steam. Nia is a high school beauty who discovers she’s being stalked by someone in a secret underground society. Everyone is suspect. The pressure is mounting and problems are stacking up. Who is behind all of this? Which one of her friends is connected with this secret society? And why?

Author Bio

Tanille is the co-author and creator of the children’s green book series “Jordan & Justine’s Weekend Adventures.” She is also the author of the new media young adult novels with music “Cameo by Tanille,” and “Broken by Tanille.”

Th­e Undercover Starlet Journal is a title Tanille created to inspire young women and has extended Undercover Starlet into brand extensions that appear throughout her novels.

Tanille has been writing music and books since age 16. She earned an MBA at 21 and graduated magna cum laude.

Readers of her latest young adult romance novel “Broken by Tanille” get free music downloads of her new Pop R&B hits “All of Me,” “Feel It,” “Baby Comeback to Me,” “It’s Not Okay,” and “What’s a Girl to Do” all written, performed and co-produced by Tanille.




Amazon.com: Cameo eBook: Tanille Edwards: Kindle Store

Author Interview Master May I Book Tour

10 Jul


1.) First, tell us about yourself- where you live, your family and those sorts of details.

I live in Alabama with my husband, our three kids and our English terrier. I am born and raised here I can’t see myself living anywhere else but would love to travel to a few places. I love to spend time with family and friends.

2.) how long have you been writing?

About a year I have always loved reading and thinking up my own stories but never really had the time to sit down and start writing them until now.

3.)Do you have a favorite place to write?

In my bed, lol I love to prop up on all my pillows and go into my own little world. Usually when the day slows down and the kids are sleeping.

4.)Why did you decide to write Master May I?

I have always loved BDSM and Erotic books and decided to write my own and see how it went. By the time I was done writing it I was in love with the characters and the story.

5.)Do you proofread/edit your own books or do you get someone else to do that for you?

I proofread my books after I write them but I leave the edits to the amazing editor at Dark Hollows Press. I will fix what I see when I am reading through but the editor usually will find things and I’ll think “Why didn’t I see that”

6.)Tell us what you’re working on at the moment.

I am writing MMI2 at the moment. I don’t want to say to much but I will say you will get to know Mistress A a lot better in book 2.

Master May I

MMIRodgersTitle: Master May I

Author: Salice Rodgers

Genre: Erotic Romance, BDSM

After three years working at the BDSM club Master May I, or MMI to those who frequent it, Lillian is stunned when her Dom suddenly announces that they need time apart. Knowing his reputation as a cold and unfeeling Dom, Lillian expects the worst when she is assigned to “training” with the elusive Brandon, or Master B as he is known at the club.

However, as the two begin working together, Lillian is shocked to discover a side to Master B that she never knew existed. The more time she spends with Master B, the more she finds herself craving to be dominated by his touch.

As Lillian and her new her Master begin to explore their feelings for each other, will they be able to overcome the shadows of their past? And what will happen when Lillian’s former Dom realizes that she is no longer his to control?

Author Bio

Salice Rodgers is a wife and mother of three.  Born and raised in the south, she loves to spend her spare time writing or enjoying the worlds others have created.




       Author Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008214602652&fref=ts