Book Review Charter to Redemption

14 Oct

photoTitle: Charter to Redemption

Author: D.J. Blackmore

Genre: Historical Romance

At the close of 1821, the penal colony of Newcastle looks to be every bit as black as it’s painted. Emma Colchester charters a ride to Australia with a promise of marriage to a man she has never met. But appearances aren’t always as they seem. And with a commitment unavoidable Emma learns that shackles are not always forged from iron.

Tobias Freeman longs for redemption and hope. After a rough journey to New South Wales, Tobias learns the rations, the regulations, and the reprisal.

But neither Emma nor Tobias expect the repercussions.

Emma Colchester has promised to marry a man she’s never met. This promise brings her aboard a ship setting off to Australia, on the journey of a lifetime. But when her bethrothed turns out to be nothing like she imagined, and it turns out she’s been lied to, Emma must decide between duty, and freedom. Tobias knows all about what it means to lose one’s freedom, and the two characters quickly grow closer together, forming an unique connection.

The writing is excellent, and reminiscent of the era the book is set in. The author succeeds in making the characters realistic, with their own expectations, their own sadness at their failures – in short, characters a reader can relate to, despite the time barrier.

A great introduction to historical romance (not my usual genre, but based on the blurb, I wanted to pick this one up), and I loved it.


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