Character Interview Project Firebird Tour

1 Oct


I’m hosting a charater interview today for the Project Firebird tour, a science-fiction novel. I’m interviewing Paige Harris, one of the characters from the book.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Er, yeah, okay. Let me know if I’m not doing it right – no-one ever asked to interview me before. Where do I start? Well, my name’s Paige, I’m 14 years old, and I go to school in South London. I mean, I used to, before all this kicked off. And before that I was at school in North London. And then not at school at all. I’ve moved around a bit. What I’m trying to say is, life’s been a bit mixed up. Well, messed up, really. We’re fostered now, me and my little sister. I mean we were, before all this kicked off. I just said that, didn’t I? Sorry! Anyway. We couldn’t live with Mum anymore, ’cos she went funny in the head and couldn’t look after us properly. And did bad things. Most of all to Skye, my baby sister. Although she’s six now, so not a baby anymore I suppose. So we ran away. I took Skye and we left, and we lived in a squat for a few weeks, hiding out, surrounded by druggies. Though some of them were okay. Sorry, that’s probably a bit more than you wanted to know, innit? I’ll shut up now.

What is your role in the story?

I wish someone would tell me! I didn’t know all this was going to happen. One minute I’m on the adventure holiday of a lifetime, and the next minute I’m stuck underground in some secret bomb-shelter being told that the world’s about to end. They say that we’re here to try and save civilisation or something, but I can’t work out how we’re meant to do that, or why they picked us, of all people. I just wish I could get out of here so I could be with Skye, or at least warn her what’s going to happen. And I wish… No. I won’t go there. But it might be good if Leo took notice of me once in a while. I mean, apart from cracking his stupid jokes. I know he’s an idiot really and I shouldn’t care. But once or twice I have seen him looking at me in a funny way, when he thinks I don’t know. Then again, I could be imagining it. Who am I kidding? I definitely am. He wouldn’t even look once at a girl like me.

What is your favorite hobby?

Huh! Hobby, what’s that? I never had time for any of that stuff. After mum stopped caring about me and Skye, there weren’t no-one to do nothing around the house except for me. So I had to do all the cleaning and washing and bedtime stories, and doing the laundry in the bath after the washing machine blew up, and the school runs and everything. And my school work on top of that. I was knackered! And my teachers thought I was just lazy and kept giving me detention for late homework, which made things even worse. I was lucky not to get excluded from school. Come to think of it, I guess I should have told my teachers what was happening. Only I was always too busy wondering what to cook for me and Skye that night. Actually… cooking. I am quite good in the kitchen. I’d like to learn to cook properly, one day. Though looking at where I am now, that don’t look particularly likely to happen ever.

What is the challenge you’re trying to overcome during the story?

Oh, nothing much. Just learn a few basic survival skills and strategies. So that we can totally rebuild civilisation after some massive space rock blasts it out of existence! Yep, that’s our job. I didn’t believe it either. They could have chosen a team of soldiers and doctors and scientists – a team of adults who knew what they was doing! But for some reason, they’ve picked us. Yeah, I know we ain’t ordinary kids – I mean, I am, but most of ’em ain’t. Like Isabel, who went to Oxford university aged 12, or Rhys, the only kid in the world who’s walked across Antarctica, and… well, Leo I suppose. He’s certainly different. They’d be better at facing doomsday than most kids would. But still – it’s mad! I don’t get it.

If you could make one wish, what would it be?

Only one? You can’t make me choose. Oh, to have Skye back, it has to be. I’m here in the far north of England, buried deep under some mountain to be safe from the comet, but she’s stuck down in London with our foster family, and she has no idea what’s going to happen. The Firebird Foundation says she’ll be kept safe, but I’m not sure I believe them. And anyway, I don’t want to live if it means living without her here! I have to get her back. If only there was someone who could help me find a way.

About The Book

Project Firebird coverTitle: Project Firebird

Author: Nick Green

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction

How do you save the world when it’s already too late?

Don’t ask Leo Lloyd-Jones. Ask him how to steal a car, or why he got excluded from every school in Salford, but don’t come to him for help. This whole thing must be a daft mistake – and if anyone finds out, he’s done for.

Earth is on a deadly collision course that nothing can prevent. The only real hope is Project Firebird, deep inside a blast-proof bunker that shelters the brightest and bravest young people. Leo has got mixed up with the likes of Rhys Carnarvon, the celebrated teenage polar explorer, and other child prodigies chosen to keep the flame of civilisation.

Among them is the streetwise Paige Harris, a girl Leo likes a lot (but not in that way). Paige is desperate to rescue her little sister from London before the catastrophe strikes. But no-one is crazy enough to try that. Almost no-one.

Leo is about to find out why he’s here.


Author Bio

Nick Green Author Portrait_A2ZoomNick Green lives in the UK. He is the author of seven fiction books to date, including the middle-grade CAT KIN trilogy published by Strident. His other books include THE STORM BOTTLE, a fantasy adventure about the dolphins of Bermuda, and most recently the FIREBIRD trilogy, a YA science fiction epic.







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