Character Interview At This Stage Book Tour

12 Aug


I’m hosting a character interview today for the book tour for YA / NA crossover “At This Stage”. The character I’m interviewing is called Jackson Wall, and he’s rather intriguing. I hope you enjoy the interview.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Who are you? What is your role in the story?

My name is Jackson. I’m a 23-year-old New York City underground playwright. I usually get my ideas from life experiences, before I fictionalize them and turn them inside out. I was a completely carefree guy, who just loved to party and date until a colleague and close friend of mine died suddenly. Her daughter, Kaitlyn, was going to be put in foster care, so I stepped in. Now I’m responsible for this girl, which would be fine except I have no idea what I’m doing. Or what’s going on between us.

What is your favorite hobby?

Well, naturally, I love to write, since that’s how I choose to make a living. But when I’m taking a break from that, I’d say watching any movies in a series is my favorite way to spend time. Some weekends, Kaitlyn and I spend the entire day lounging under blankets, watching movie after movie. I’ve come to enjoy these marathon weekends much more than I did before Kaitlyn came into my life. In fact, any time I spend with her pretty much outweighs everything else I do.

What is the challenge you’re trying to overcome during the story?

I took Kaitlyn in when no one else would. She lost her mother. She’s got all sorts of confusing emotions running around inside her right now. And she’s got feelings for me, beyond the incredibly close friendship we’ve formed. I’m afraid her feelings are displaced…that’s she’s grateful I helped her out by becoming her guardian, and she’s mixing that up with love. I will never take advantage of her or this weird situation I’ve put us in. And yet, with each passing day, I realize she’s exactly what I want a little bit more.

If you could make one wish, what would it be?

Kaitlyn recently found out that her father, who she thought was never told about her, has in fact known about her since before she was born. For years, he’d been in touch with her mother, but refused to be a part of Kaitlyn’s life. She’s looking for him now, looking for answers. If I had one wish, it would be that when she finds him, he’s what she wants him to be. But somehow, I don’t think someone who remained anonymous for all these years is suddenly going to be father material. And I’m afraid that’s going to devastate her.

Tell us a secret about you.

A secret? Hmm. Okay, here’s one. My friend Cole can see how I’m tormenting myself over Kaitlyn. How I’m wrestling with my feelings for her every day. He tries to help by giving me suggestions of how we could be together. Every time he does, I yell at him and tell him why it’s inappropriate. But inside, whenever he gives me hope, my stomach heedlessly lurches at the thought that there might be a way to work this out. That someday, under some circumstance, this might be okay after all.

At This Stage

coverTitle: At This Stage

Author: K.K. Weil

Genre: Young Adult / New Adult Crossover

The attractive man sleeping on her couch was never like a father to her. That would’ve been much easier…

Outspoken seventeen-year-old Kaitlyn Fowler loses her mother, gets taken in by a gorgeous family friend, and discovers her mysterious biological father has always known she existed. All within a few months.

At twenty-three, Jackson Wall lives without a single obligation. That is, until the daughter of his late public relations manager and dear friend is threatened with foster care. Shocking even himself, the rising playwright volunteers to become her guardian. Eloquent and incredibly talented, Kaitlyn comes to mean more to Jackson than he ever imagined. Or wanted.

Jackson struggles with their friendship as it develops into something much more complex. While Kaitlyn can’t deny her feelings, she knows what will happen if she pushes him too far. As they search for Kaitlyn’s unknown father, she wonders if Jackson will reject her, too, or if she can convince him that something wrong to begin with can become right over time.

Print ISBN: 978-1-937070-50-2

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-937070-51-9

Author Bio

IMG_1083K.K. Weil grew up in Queens, a subway ride from New York’s theater district, which had her hooked early on a mix of major musicals and low-budget one-man shows. Weil, a graduate of N.Y.U. and former teacher, now enjoys writing her own dramas. She lives near the beach in New Jersey, where she is at work on her second novel.

On Twitter – @KK_Weil


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