Book Excerpt Skin Deep

5 Aug


About Skin Deep

SkinDeep_500x750Title: Skin Deep

Author: DP Denman

Genre: M/M contemporary romance

Liam Newman escaped an abusive past to start a new life with Justin, the man of his dreams. Unfortunately, the old life refuses to stay buried. When a fan of his porn star persona appears, he’s forced to reinvent himself in a surprising new career. Will it give him the new start he craves or lead him deeper into the life he’s trying to leave behind?

Author Bio

DP Denman writes character-driven gay romance about survivors. Her stories are real and intense but always resolve in the type of ending that makes readers want to start the book all over again. She is from the Pacific Northwest and bases all of her stories in Vancouver, British Columbia, a city that is dear to her heart.

In her spare time she is a dedicated gay rights activist fighting for those who have been marginalized and abused. To that end, 25% of the royalties from every book go to support LGBT charities.


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Book Excerpt

He wasn’t that person anymore. He’d left that nightmare behind in an empty apartment across town. It was supposed to be over and he wasn’t sure which was more terrifying: that Eric was going to keep propositioning him or that he’d tell the rest of the staff his secret. He didn’t think he could take working with people who’d seen what he’d done or what all those men had done to him.

It took him three tries to get his locker back open, his hands trembling too much to be precise with the dial. He fumbled his cell phone out of the pocket of his coat and called Justin. He wasn’t going to tell him the whole sordid story over the phone, not when he had to be out on the restaurant floor in two minutes but he could at least hear his voice.

“This is Justin.”

“How’s it going?” He asked trying and failing to sound casual, struggling with a craving to march out of the restaurant and head for Justin’s office.

“Everything’s fine over here. How are you? You sound a little off.”

“I just missed you.” He lied.

“I miss you, too.” The words and the emotion behind them flowed over him and brought his heartbeat down to something less than that of a terrified rabbit. “Why don’t you drop by on your lunch break? We can hang out in my office and wrinkle your shirt.”

He smiled despite himself. “I’d like that.”

They only got to spend about twenty minutes together during his brief break and their attempts at necking in the privacy of Justin’s office didn’t always work but that particular day he’d settle for just being held.

“I have to go,” Justin said. “I’ll see you later.”

He put his phone away and closed his locker one more time feeling less panicked even if he wasn’t any less pissed. He stalked through the back hall and pasted on a pleasant smile when he reached the main floor of the restaurant. He had a job to do and he needed to do it well enough to collect tips. Fuming over Eric would have to wait.



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