Character Interview The Longest Distance Book Tour

30 Jul


I’m hosting a character interview today for the book tour for self-help / personal growth / literary fiction “The Longest Distance”. Enjoy.

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Who are you? What is your role in the story?

I am a man like many men. Yet so different from any I have known. My passion for passion, and love of love is quite typical I suppose of a man in constant battle with his ego, his mind. Who will prevail? The head? The heart? The spirit within that breathes new life into me with each breath, each moment? A man like many men, yet so very different perhaps in my pursuits, my desire to know what can be known, what lies beneath, in the deeper end of the pool of life. This is a place visited more often by women. For I find the women in my life, my life story, summon the courage required to stretch, to expand, to go deeper into their selves. And as just reward, they perhaps are closer to the truth of their own being, and the Source itself.

I am seeker. Of what, I am unsure. Love perhaps. Truth for certain. The answers to ‘my questions’ – about life, love, truth. I am sometimes recalcitrant as a student, my own limiting character, as I seem to have to play out time and again similar situations in a quest for different outcomes. Again, a most male trait indeed, from my experiences. For when we give the mind dominion, we get all that comes with it. Control, stubbornness, an unwillingness to consider – more accurately ‘see’ – what lies beyond the matters of the mind. A pathway to a greater intelligence.

My role in the story? Sometimes I think it is the role of the fool – the one who thinks he knows but could not possibly, simply by way of attempting to use the mind to reason something that is beyond reason. I am impatient, with myself, with life and its process. I am the reflection and the window in the same. And I find the value – through much trial and tribulation – through the others, the many others, who play both mirror and window for me. A mirrored reflection for what I must see in myself (if one has the courage to do so), and a windowed view into the Truth through another. Be it a dear friend, a man rendered homeless in the street, a driver perfectly timed for unveiling a moment of value, or even the many Masters who make their timely appearance as if orchestrated by some higher force (more like ‘power’); all have meaning, all have a message, while providing clues, qualities, that when pieced together form the tapestry of a greater Truth to be unveiled – while pointing the way. To where? Well, I guess one must be willing to walk ‘The Longest Distance’ to know the answer to such riddles.

What is your favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby? Hmmm. Do I have one? Yes. Traveling. Traversing the planet. And inquiring along the way, about everything, everyone, ‘the One’ even. Ever since I was a little boy, I used to spin the globe in my room. Wherever my finger landed, I would someday visit – and have a best friend there. Many days in that room; many spins of that globe. I knew back then maybe better than I know today, in this moment, who I was, why I was here, what I came here to do perhaps. So I guess I would have to say traveling is my hobby. I am a Traveler.

What is the challenge you’re trying to overcome during the story?

Making sense of it all – life, love, truth. Especially love. I find myself moving from relationship to relationship, from love to lust, simply to love again. I am looking for something. I am seeking. Yet when I seek it in another, I find that no matter the beauty of the other, I fall short in knowing of perhaps a greater beauty within me. I am a determined soul, however – a vigilant one. And I am armed with my wit, my will, and a healthy dose of humility, learned and earned. Trapped sometimes within my patterns, my ‘karma,’ trying to break free so that I may live so – free, that is. Free from restrictions, constrictions self-imposed. Breaking free of the imposter, the one I tell myself I am. The one that is a lesser version of who I truly am. It is a challenge, a slippery slope indeed. But I am a stubborn sort, relentless in my search for the answers to ‘my questions.’ And I am comforted by a voice from within, one that is of me but not from me. It is a voice of reason. It is a voice of knowing. I will continue to follow this voice, until its Sound sees me through.

 If you could make one wish, what would it be?

That I may know myself better – in Truth. I have been on this journey, this quest, for a lifetime, maybe more. And with all I have been, have accomplished, have experienced in this world, the many loves and ‘learnings,’ I have yet to do ‘the one thing I came here to do.’

Tell us a secret about you.

I am a serial conversationalist. This may not be much of a secret to those who know me best, but there is a secret within it all. I am more of a conversationalist within myself than I am out in the world. I talk with myself, to myself, to Him, Them, whomever is out there listening, observing, attempting to guide me to a greater place, a higher elevation. Perhaps if I would talk a bit less, listen a bit more, I may know more of what it is I need to know, to be more of what it is I am — in Truth.


About the Book

The Longest Distance 215Title: The Longest Distance

Author: David Scott

Genre: Spirituality, Self-Help, Inspiration and Personal Growth, Literary Fiction

Part love story, part adventure mystery, part travel guide for the soul, The Longest Distance is a meditation in traveling from our heads to our hearts, and an awakening to what lies within.

Shaken by tragedy in the wilds of Africa, Jeremy Braddock sets off in search of the answers to our questions about life, truth, and the all-too-trying-yet-wonderful emotion of love. From Kenya to Costa Rica – and a host of other venues along the way – the protagonist takes us on a rollercoaster ride and riveting journey that reveals to us the masters, the maniacal beauty of this planet, and the greatest mystery of all––the ‘one thing’ we came here to know. As with life itself, he is not alone in this adventure, with the many supporting characters providing him with mirrored reflections of love in its varied forms, and a windowed view into his soul. Armed with his wit, his will, and an ample dose of healthy humility, our vigilant warrior attempts to summon within himself the courage we must all find to see the face of Truth, and walk the path of a higher Love.

The Longest Distance evokes deeper contemplation à la Eat, Pray, Love with a level of discourse and discovery that will resonate with those who have been touched by the writings of Paulo Coehlo and Neale Donald Walsch. Interwoven within the tapestry of the novel and in between each storied tale is an uplifting dialogue with Jeremy’s higher self — the Friend that points the way. What adds to TLD’s universal appeal is the inspirational guest appearances of a myriad of Masters – from poets to statesmen to those of the cloth – along with each chapter’s unveiling of a key ‘quality’ that, when pieced together, helps to reveal the greater picture at hand — the Love within the love that beckons us home.

The Longest Distance is a sleuth of spirit and treasure hunt of the heart that awakens our soul and provides yet another clue for the curious, a jewel for the romanticist in us all.

Author Bio

David Scott A180_1David Scott was born in the United States, and raised in the world. He currently resides in Singapore, but remains deeply connected to the passion that is Paris, the power shift that finds its new home in Asia, and the movement to co-create and cooperate that had its genesis for him in America; its inspiration both within and throughout.

David has spent his career in the field of education, his life in the field of service. He is perhaps best known for his contributions as an accomplished entrepreneur, investor and leader in education, establishing and stewarding innovative school systems of size and scope in North America, the Middle East and Pacific Asia. He has played both visionary leader and humble student, with each measure of the world his teacher. David’s work in education and support of the life sciences has provided hope for a more advanced, equitable and sustainable means to greater health and life for those he has been privileged in knowing.

The central theme of both his scholarship as an educationist and his work as an author is the delicate but essential role of relationships. David’s travels have provided a cross-cultural perspective on relationships of a human nature. His discovery of the inner worlds through meditation and study of various teachings has offered a glimpse into the power of the possible that resides within. It is this he seeks to help unveil in all through education and transformative writing.

With a poetic note and romantic view to the worlds available to us all, David Scott’s writing explores relationships of a higher nature, with a particular emphasis on the Masters and their timely messages. His novel The Longest Distance has been called a meditation from the head to the heart, and an awakening to what lies within. It serves as a pathway to the eternal that is ours to claim.

David may be recognized in the world for his contributions to education. Yet, he remains humbled by the many lessons—the gifts—the world has bestowed upon him as his teacher.

He now remains at your service as an author.


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Facebook Fan Page: David Scott

Twitter: @DScottwrites

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Instagram: davidscottwrites


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