Author Interview Through The Door Book Tour

29 Jul


I’m interviewing Malcolm Abstan today, author of science-fiction novel “Through The Door”. Enjoy the interview.

1.) First, tell us about yourself- where you live, your family and those sorts of details.

-My name is Raven Harris-Keim, i was born in Lawrence Kansas, and have lived here my entire life. Despite this though, i have been to every state in the U.S, and i have been to every national park (I love going on adventures). My mother and father have always been so supportive of my writing, even during my younger years going to school- I was a horrible student who could never concentrate, and after my junior year of high school i dropped out and finished school on my own terms.

2.) how long have you been writing?

– I have been writing since i can remember, though i doubt my earlier works on the backs of homework sheets were comparable to my current writing at all. Kids will be kids.

3.)Do you have a favorite place to write?

– My first novel, the start of my second, and the children’s book that i’ve written were all thought of, and completed in a coffee shop called Henry’s in my hometown.

4.)Why did you decide to write Through The Door?

 –Through the Door is all about the emotions really, you’ve got this fairly simple plot; a mismatched crew set out to save the universe, and along the way they have this fantastic adventure. It’s more than that though, it’s about the captain and the way he grows and matures throughout the story, it’s about Tysal, his second in command, and above all else it’s about the strength of love, how scary it all is sometimes. So i wanted to write a story that featured all of that, adventure, romance, epic space battles, but many will notice as soon as they pick up the book, that i was also very adamant about concluding stereotypes. I am so tired of looking at the world and seeing woman and men alike prosecuted for the same things over and over and over again; being too girly, too masculine, too short, too tall, and it’s all about genders out there. So in Through the Door you have these alien creatures who don’t care for such trivial things. The main character, the captain, is literally genderless; his entire species. His second in command has both genders, and you have all of these worlds and cultures, and i wanted to show people that you can have a wonderful story without paying any mind to all that.
5.)Do you proofread/edit your own books or do you get someone else to do that for you?

– I generally do a once-over myself, then hand it off to my mother (An english major) who’s always been happy to check my stories.

6.)Tell us what you’re working on at the moment.

– At the moment i am working on the sequel to Through the Door, which will take us back to the very beginning, long before the captain and the Red gale met, long before their perilous journey ever began- and it will all be form the perspective of another crew member, so we will get the entire story form someone else’s eyes, the things that happened when the captain wasn’t looking. I am also working on a children’s book that’s being illustrated by local artists here in Lawrence.

About the Book

47E680C2-8713-4162-8678-69545C0625B2Title: Through the Door

Author: Malcolm Abstan

Genre: Science Fiction

A crew of devious space pirates and their equally villainous captain set out on a quest to acquire a marvelous treasure from lore; known only to lay deep within the Abyss (A section of space not yet explored). Along their journey they are sidetracked however, and by some whim of fate find they’ve been included in a far more dangerous quest to save the entire universe.



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