Author Interview for the Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy Tour

31 May


I’m interviewing Gladys Simmons Carson, author of inspirational memoir “Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy”. Welcome to The Book Daily, Gladys!

1) First, tell us about yourself – where you live, your family, and those sorts of details.

I am a fifth-generation Texan living in the beautiful city of Dallas, where the people are warm and friendly and the weather is varied and unpredictable. I have one child, a son, who is the joy of my life. My passions are encouraging others, writing and sharing my faith.

2) How long have you been writing?

This is my first widely published work, but I have been putting my thoughts on paper since I was a preschooler. The first text I can remember writing for someone other than my family to read came in form of a fourth grade assignment. My teacher did not believe I had written it, that is until I explained my motivation and demonstrated mastery of the vocabulary used. After that I mostly wrote speeches and poems to express myself, and I started a lot of books.

3) Do you have a favorite place to write?

I can tune out the noise and the world and write anywhere, when I am “in the zone.”  If I have a deadline or need a bit of encouragement, I like to go to the Dallas central library, where I am surrounded by the works of great authors and quiet majesty. The library is a haven for creativity.

4) Why did you decide to write Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy?

Actually, I did not set out to write this book. I was writing about miracles, and thoughts for this book kept interfering. After a while, I tried writing two books at once. At some point “Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy” just took on a life of its own. You see, my joyful disposition has long been a source of compliments and criticism, because some people who live with misery don’t understand that they can be joyful. While seeing so many depressed people, especially young folk, I felt compelled to share from my imperfect experience to maybe help somebody understand that joy is by choice, not by chance.

5) Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

My favorite character is W. C., because he received the worst of the child abuse. But he found his own way to fight his silent battle, while remaining strong and determined. His disposition encouraged me to keep fighting.

6) How about your least favorite character?  What makes them less appealing to you?

My least favorite character is easily Chester. He abused us in so many ways, especially emotionally. As a small child, I once prayed for God to kill Him. But God gave him grace.

7) Do you proofread/edit your own books or do you get someone to do that for you?

Both. I have a young man who does a masterful job of editing my work. But this is my baby. And like any attentive mother, I have to keep a watchful eye on it as well. So I read and reread it in various formats: on the computer, on my tablet and in print. It’s amazing how I see things in one format that I did not see in another.

8) Tell us what you’re working on at the moment.

I tried to go back and complete the book I was working on before “Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy” took over my thoughts. However, my passion has led me to write a book for all ages, something in the area of aging gracefully, because taking care for yourself when you are young is a major key. But there is much you can still do to enhance your well being after your younger days have passed. I will focus on the mind set. I learned its value through experience.

About The Book

BookCover-TriumphABattlePlanforJoy-JPGTitle: Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy

Author: Gladys Simmons Carson

Genre: Inspirational Memoir

When medical malpractice takes the life of her mother and the offense is dismissed as an unfortunate mistake, it rips a hole in seven-year-old Gladys’ heart and ignites fire in her anger. This act of gross negligence strips her of the joyful delight that has characterized her existence. Before she can grasp the full meaning of her loss, fate takes her on a journey through a series of harsh realities, including devastating child abuse, demeaning segregation and destructive thinking. These unsavory enemies assault her on all fronts, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. But the child warrior uses youthful wisdom to triumph over the effects of them all. Her prize is a resurgence of bountiful joy. You may laugh or cry, but you will definitely cheer for the child warrior in TRIUMPH! A BATTLE PLAN FOR JOY.

Author Bio

GladysCarsonPhoto-JPGGladys Simmons Carson is an inspirational speaker and author of the much-talked-about memoir, “Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy. For more than 45 years she has challenged and encouraged audiences with her message of assurance. Now in her debut book she gives insight into how we too can choose joy despite our circumstances.

 Her passion for writing stems from an early introduction to the written word. By age three she was reading her older siblings’ school books. By age four she was introduced to her first novel, Betty Smith’s “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” This early exposure gave birth to a love affair with books and a fascination for writing. By the time she reached adult status, she had evolved into a natural encourager with a wealth of information to share, and a zeal for sharing.


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One Response to “Author Interview for the Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy Tour”

  1. Gladys Simmons Carson June 2, 2014 at 3:23 pm #

    Thank you for the interview posted on your site for my book, Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy. I hope your readers will gain inspiration from my story. Best wishes to you.

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