Character Interview Earth Cell Book Tour

22 May


I’m happy to host a character interview today with one of the characters from “Earth Cell”, a science-fiction novel, and the first book in the Ux-Blood Trilogy. Enjoy!

Character Interview

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Who are you? What is your role in the story?

My name is Larrika Willowhouse. I am an earth arts sister in the Witches Guild. I’ve been a sister for about six years now, at Earth Cell for about three. I’ve ascended to my second step for most of those years, but at the story’s start, I am ready to ascend to my third step. That’s when my duties will become really fun! Unfortunately, when their first attempt to gain control of Earth Cell fails, the Qrill realize they need someone inside the cell to lower the new protective wards, and they target me! I’m kidnapped during my journey from the Ascension Hall at Silverwake on Thaus- Warden Maels did his best to try and protect me, but by the time either of us realized I’d been compelled to go to their lair, it was too late. Once captive, the Qrill hit with powerful compulsions to make me follow their wishes, then returned to Earth Cell where I- I… Forgive me, I’m having a hard time thinking back on what I did, and what it led to. Can… can we move on?

What is your favorite hobby?

As a sister proficient in the earth arts, I simply love spending time in my garden. Well, it’s the cell’s garden, but I spend the most time working there. I’m glad my job is actually what I would have truly enjoyed as a hobby. Until I ascend to my third step, I’m not allowed to experiment with the local vegetation, but after (if I do ascend, I mean), I can begin creating hybrids of Earth fruits and vegetables with produce brought in through the overweb. I’ve created some pretty good meals for the cell (but gosh it was embarrassing standing there for their applause), and once I’m allowed to experiment, I think I’ll do really well. Next thing I know it’ll be time to try for my fourth ascension!

What is the challenge you’re trying to overcome during the story?

It’s… hard to go into this. I’m used by the Qrill to bring about my cell’s downfall. Everyone but Maels is killed. Then he gets taken away and I’m left alone. It’s a terrible time. The weavers employed by the Qrill try to get me to do horrible things to the humans they’re… hurting. *clears throat* Excuse me. It’s… hard thinking of this. And then when Maels returns somehow, he wants to destroy the portal to stop the Qrill invasion! Not only have I brought ruin to the cell, now I have to destroy the portal? But even though it means we’ll die in the process, I decide to help him. Just trying to survive the invasion with my sanity intact was challenge enough. To willingly help with the destruction of a portal? Well… *wipes away tears* Excuse me.

If you could make one wish, what would it be?

One wish? That’s easy. For the Qrill to never have existed. What they did to me, to Maels, to the cell, to humanity… The overweb would be a much better place if they’d never existed at all. Be rid of them forever. That would be my one wish. And no, I don’t need to think about it.

Tell us a secret about you.

A secret? *thoughtful pause* Well, if you promise not to tell… *leans close* I kinda have a little crush on Warden Maels. He’s only a couple of years older than me, he’s always so friendly, and… well, he really likes my cooking.


About the Book

Earth_Cell_cover_frontTitle: Earth Cell: The Ux-Blood Trillogy (Book One)

Author: Charles Brass

Genre: Science Fiction

For centuries, the League of Cells and the Witches Guild have worked together to maintain order and stability across the overweb’s countless worlds.

Walking the pash of a warden for the League of Cells requires dedication, sacrifice, and devotion, as young Maels Raptori, the last of his kind, has learned. But he’s embraced these hardships, for serving as a warden represents the highest honor one might achieve in his lifetime. For six years under the tutelage of his adopted father and the wardens of Earth Cell, he has prepared to fulfill this dream.

When a powerful intruder nearly seizes control of Earth Cell, Maels is tested beyond anything he has experienced. He finds the strength to defeat the invader, but his trials have only begun. Chaos is spreading across the overweb, engulfing all who stand in its way. The conflict soon breaches Earth Cell. Alone on a world of violence, at the mercy of ruthless captors, Maels discovers his years of dedication and devotion may not be enough. To save Earth, he may be called upon to male the ultimate sacrifice…

Author Bio

03-4x5-300dpi-ColorCharles Brass works as a CT/MRI technologist in a new stand-alone 24-hour emergency clinic in a small town south of where he lives, some thirty miles west of Minnesota’s Twin Cities. During his six years of active duty service in the United States Navy, he served five months in Bahrain during the first Gulf War. Now, with a BS in Animation under his belt, he has visions of a successful patient education video business filling his days while CT and MRI scans on sick and injured people visiting the local Emergency Center fills his nights.

For more information, visit his blog at or his Author Information page at http://clear­ Additionally, he can be reached via email at

Charles plans to devote time to a few shorter works that have been brewing in his brain juices for some time, then resume writing novels. He expects to publish his next novel by the end of 2015.


This book is available in softcover and Kindle formats at




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