Book Excerpt Earl’s Curse

19 May


I’m hosting an excerpt from romance novel “The Earl’s Curse”. Hope you enjoy it!

Book Excerpt

When he heard her small sigh Edward could no longer fight his attraction to Kaireen. He put his finger under Kaireen’s chin, tilting her face upward and meeting her lips with his own.

          Although stiff at first with the unfamiliar touch Kaireen quickly relaxed into the kiss. At this slight encouragement Edward pulled her closer, parted her lips, and deepened the kiss.

          Kaireen eagerly kissed him back running her tongue along his lower lip. She liked the taste of him.

          With an animalistic growl he met her tongue with his. Edward ran his hands down the back of the worn green gown she had worn to explore the attic marveling at her slight build; His fingers met at her tiny waist. After enjoying the kiss for several minutes Edward finally broke it.

          “We must stop this before…” his voice trailed off as he tried to remove the pins that held her snood in place.

          “Before we cannot?” Kaireen finished for him. She reached up and removed her snood allowing her silken hair to fall free. Her fear was all but forgotten.

          “Exactly.” Edward smiled. Kaireen could see his white teeth in the faint light of the moon that had managed to reach them. Kaireen shivered.

          “Are you chilled?” Edward asked.

          “A bit, My Lord.”

          Edward chuckled happily. “I believe you may call me by my Christian name.”

          Looking around he found an old horsehair couch covered with a dust sheet. Edward sneezed at the cloud of dust he raised when he removed it. Calling Kaireen to him they settled on the hard couch; Kaireen in his arms with his royal blue jacket over her leaving him in his dark green waist coat and white shirt. His black trousers couldn’t hide his growing arousal.

          Resting her head on Edward’s chest she could hear his strong regular heartbeat. She listened to the sound of the castle settling around them and a small animal scurry across the floor.

          “Edward?” Kaireen whispered.

          “Yes?” he liked the sound of his name on her lips.

          Kaireen’s heart starting to pound so hard she didn’t know if she could get the next words out. Finally she took a deep breath and whispered, “Will you kiss me again?”

          Edward’s lips were on hers almost before she finished the sentence. He wrapped his hands in her long thick hair, pulling her close, their tongues dancing a primal dance of love. Gently pushing her down on the couch he pulled his mouth from hers, it was almost an impossible task. Resting his forehead on Kaireen’s Edward gasped, “We must stop, Kaireen.”

          Kaireen lightly traced his lips with her fingers. Edward caught one of them in his mouth. Kaireen gasped at the sensuous feel of his tongue on her finger.

          “I do not wish to stop.” Kaireen heard herself say.

          The innocence in her voice inflamed him. He reclaimed her mouth with a sound that was half groan half moan. This was no tender kiss but one of a starving man at a feast. His hand went to her generous breast. He smiled at her small gasp when he lightly pinched her nipple.

          “You are so beautiful.”

          “Me, My Lord?” Kaireen asked unbelievably.

          “Yes.” Edward leaned on his elbow and looked down at her. Her long hair framed her milky skin like a dark halo. He wanted her; not just for this night but for all the nights he had left on this earth. “Say my name.” he needed to hear his name come from her lips. “Say Edward.”

          When Kaireen looked at him. Edwardwished there was enough light to see what shade of green her eyes became when filled with passion.

          “Love me, Edward.” Kaireen whispered. Her boldness surprised him. Her small hand traced down his muscled back, hesitated, then went lower to cup his firm buttocks. He pushed his large arousal against her thigh.

          Their clothing was a barrier between them Edward wouldn’t allow. The small buttons on her dress kept slipping from his fingers but he finally had the dress off. Buttons fell to the floor when he pushed the dress off her. He tore her chemise in his eagerness to reach her breast.

          Kaireen arched her back as his mouth closed over her pink nipple. “Oh my god! Edward!” she cried when he started to suckle. Her fingers gently raked over the bulge at the front of his trousers.

          “Kaireen.” he murmured in her ear. Kissing her he shrugged out of his waist coat and shirt. Without breaking the kiss he unbuttoned his trousers and kicked them off. Finally they were skin to skin. His hand found the damp patch of sable curls at the apex of her legs.

          A small voice told him to stop while he still could only to be drowned by the pounding of his heart and the demands of his body. Slipping a finger inside her Edward felt the barrier he knew he must not breach no matter the demands of his own body.

          A small gasping cry escaped Kaireen as Edward explored the most intimate part of her. Bending his head Edward kissed her there.

          Kaireen stiffened at the kiss. “Edward, you mustn’t do that; it is a sin.”

          “Then let me burn in Hell.” he growled. When his tongue started to explore her mysteries Kaireen forgot her objections.

          She gave a small cry of longing as wonderful sensations grew within her. Kaireen’s gasps quickened to pants. She held onto the sides of the couch as if it could keep her grounded in reality as the waves threatened to carry her away.

          Her body jerked with an involuntary spasm. Releasing the couch Kaireen buried her slim fingers in Edward’s golden hair. “Edward, oh god, Edward. Please.” Kaireen didn’t know what she was begging for only that she needed – something.

          Edward deepened his exploration of her nether regions by slipping a finger in her tight unexplored velvet tunnel sending her over the edge.

          Edward felt the small bud at her cord and kissed it. He touch it with his tongue. The gentle caress had her twisting on the couch.

          Mindless of everything except Edward’s tongue and what it was doing to her Kaireen tossed on the couch as wave after wave of passion threatened to sweep her away.

          Edward removed his finger from inside her and replaced it with his tongue. The tidal wave crashed over her and carried her to the tempest of passion where only the two of them existed. Edward and Kaireen. Kaireen and Edward. They became one among the swirling stars and lightning exploding within her. Then she fell downward into the heart of the storm.

          Time stood still. It could have been a minute, an hour, a year before Kaireen opened her eyes. Edward held her in his arms as if she were fragile and might break.

          “That was wonderful, My Lord.” Kaireen whispered.

          “Call me Edward. I love the way you say my name.” Reaching over Kaireen he pulled her dress over them.

          “How do I say your name?” Kaireen laughed.

          A smile teased the corners of Edward’s mouth. “I like the way it sounds with your Scottish accent.” he wrapped Kaireen in his arms and kissed her. “Try to sleep.”

The Earl’s Curse

Earl's Curse kdp CoverTitle: The Earl’s Curse

Author: Donna Hatch-Moore

Genre: Romance

For six hundred years a curse has hung over Tyghhedu Castle in Wales – every earl has died soon after their heir is born. Edward Rutledge, the current earl, is determined to break the curse. He is the last of his line. If he dies unmarried and without an heir the curse will be broken.

The he meets his destiny in the form of a small beautiful woman named Kaireen – the same name as the woman who caused the curse to be made six hundred years before. Is this Kaireen the one person who will finally break the curse?

Author Bio


        My Author Photo  After we lost our home to a fire we were forced to live in our car. while my husband worked I stayed in the car with our pets. I read a lot of books and then started to write my own book. I wrote it long hand then would type the pages on an old manual typewriter I found. I wrote every day while my husband looked for work. The result was my first book, Twice In A Lifetime.

                Today we are still homeless but now live in an old motorhome. My husband has found full-time work and I still write every day although now I write on a laptop my husband surprised me with for Valentine’s Day.




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