Book Excerpt Made in Bionia

18 May


I’m hosting an excerpt from science-fiction novel “Made in Bionia”. This book sounds great! Even though I don’t have time to review it, I’m glad I’m able to host at least an excerpt. Enjoy!

Book Excerpt

Excerpt 3 The great BBGP ride

The tanatocar moved swiftly along the plains of BBGP, manoeuvring through the piles of industrial debris. Welka clung to the steering wheel, the end of her tongue comically stuck out, a sign of concentration. Finch was sitting next to her, navigating, and William was at the rear, looking at the black four-wheel drives slowly closing the gap behind them.

‘Wel, do you have a plan of how we can lose our shadow?’ he asked her calmly.

‘I’m trying to get into the most un-driveable part of BBGP; they’ll get stuck there,’ she said.

‘I think they know what you are up to,’ William said, observing a man with a bazooka popping out through the window of the closest chaser car. ‘They intend to shoot us.’

Welka cursed. ‘Finch, join William at the back and help him to trash them. And hold on to your belts, guys, when I shout “Jump”.’

Finch hopped on the rear platform, and grabbed the control palp of the ‘shitgrip’.

‘William, get the catapult ready, I’ll shitgrip something vile,’ he said.


The tanatocar rocketed between three and four meters into the air just past a wall of rubbish. The guys nearly fell off the car.

Welka merrily commented, ‘So, how was the landing, astronauts?’

William ignored it and asked, ‘Which one is the release button on the catapult? This one?’ He pressed the green button with a spoon image on it. The catapult immediately set off the scoop upright and then returned into its horizontal state.

‘Wow,’ William approved.

‘The catapult gets into the ‘ready’ mode automatically after shooting. Here’s your first ammunition,’ Finch handed him an old Persian rag he fished out from a mound they have just passed. ‘There’s kerosene over here, soak it in…’

That moment the chasing party finally shot at them and the pile of garbage exploded two meters away from the tanatocar.

‘Damn that bastard!’ Welka giggled. ‘What a dirty animal that Sloth! We’re lucky he’s cock-eyed.’

‘Welka, watch the road,’ Finch shouted.

‘What road?’ she replied, laughing.

Made in Bionia

MADE IN BIONIA BOOK COVER MOCK UP web 2Title: Made in Bionia

Author: Grigory Ryzhakov

Genre: Science Fiction, Satirical Techno-Thriller

Official release date: 14.04.2014

Length in print: 252 pages

Published by Flower Book

Kindle regular price : $3.99; Paperback – $11.99

Book Blurb:
Why does Rasa A, the world’s most secret society, want William Carrot dead? And who is William Carrot? He has to figure this out before it’s too late.
In a world very much like ours, the Third Great War is over and the ocean is dying. Scientists in the country of Bionia invent a new technology to stop an ecological catastrophe. Can William get it before it is seized and destroyed by terrorists? With love, betrayal and marine virology standing in his way, it will be hard to call, especially when his own life is at stake.
A novel in the best traditions of science fiction, Made In Bionia has it all: love, mystery, cutting edge science and alternate history.
Your journey begins in Bionia.

Author Bio

GrigoryRyzhakov-authorpicGrigory (a.k.a Grisha) Ryzhakov grew up in the Siberian Far East, bathing in the icy waters of Seas of Okhotsk and Japan and playing hide-and-seek in the snowdrifts that carpeted his native Sakhalin Island. He later travelled thousands of miles to vibrant London, on the way collecting his MSc degree in biochemistry at Moscow State and PhD in molecular biology at Cambridge University. Meanwhile, Grigory has been ceaselessly creating poems, songs and prose until eventually he wrote his debut novel “Mr Right & Mr Wrong”. “Usher Syndrome” was his first published story, also adapted for the stage and performed at London’s Barons Court Theatre in 2010.


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