Character Interview for the Inquisitor Release Day Party

16 May


Happy release day for urban/paranormal fantasy “Inquisitor”! Time for cake and pie, everyone. Or well, since I can’t give you virtual cake or pie, I’m hosting an interview instead, with one of the characters from “Inquisitor”. I hope you enjoy it!

Character Interview

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Who are you? What is your role in the story?

Hello. My name is Elliot Anderson, and the less you know about me, the better off you are. I’m a pretty average guy, all things considered. Sure, I am a CEO of a major chain of corporations, but the boss lady is so philanthropic in her nature that when I’m not chained to my desk, I’m pursuing some new project to better humanity. That part of the deal isn’t too shabby. It’s hard not to respect a woman who will drop everything to help someone for no reason other than the fact she wants to.

She’s too self-conscious to give someone the shirt off her back, but she’s the kind of woman who will change the way her entire corporation works just because she finds out one single mother of many couldn’t afford to send her kids to daycare.

There’s nothing quite as challenging as establishing in-building day cares on a strict deadline…

As for my role? I mitigate all of the damage Victoria—ah, Allison—tends to cause, which is a lot.

Why can’t the paranormal take it a little easier on us mundane folks? It’s tiring trying to keep up with a werewolf old enough to be my grandmother’s grandmother…

What is your favorite hobby?

Sleeping. It’s something I never manage to get to do enough. Every single time I manage to get home and sleep, someone wakes me up. That someone also happens to have a fur coat at least once a month. When she’s not interrupting my sleep, there’s always something!

One day, I will get a night of uninterrupted sleep. And people say money can buy anything. If that were the case, I’d be far better rested.

What is the challenge you’re trying to overcome during the story?

Surviving is challenging enough. Then there is keeping up with Victoria, trying to help figure out who is killing off so many of the employees at our company, and keeping an eye on things. There’s more to it than that… but that would be telling.

If you could make one wish, what would it be?

I wish I could change the circumstances of my birth—or change the mentality that breeding is sufficient to prove one’s worth. When it comes to paranormals, sometimes not being something is much more important than having all of the powers in the world.

It’s complicated. But then again, what isn’t, nowadays?

Tell us a secret about you.

I have a baby brother no one is supposed to know about because he is the ultimate black sheep of the family—and my real motivation for being who and what I am today.

If I don’t protect him, who will?

No one.

About Inquisitor

Inquisitor - RJ BlainTitle: Inquisitor

Author: R.J. Blain

Genre: Urban / Paranormal Fantasy

When Allison is asked to play Cinderella-turned-Fiancee at a Halloween ball, the last thing she expected was to be accused of murder on the same night. She has to find the killer and quick, or she’ll be put to death for the crimes she didn’t commit. To make matters worse, the victims are all werewolves.

On the short list of potential victims, Allison has to act fast, or the killer will have one more body to add to his little black book of corpses.

There’s only one problem: One of the deaths has struck too close to home, and Allison’s desire for self-preservation may very well transform into a quest for vengeance…





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