Book Review The Taming

1 May

tamingcoverJPGLargeTitle: The Taming

Author: Atticus Krum

Genre: Middle GRade

Buy: Amazon

A forbidden journey. A secret agenda. A mysterious object.

 When Thutter McClutter, a young Glade-dwelling shrew, willingly decides to break the ancient Code and cross into the shadowy darkness of the great Woode, he is certain that seeing the mysterious Solkreat is the goal. But as he and his friends near the curious Creature, an altogether different agenda is exposed. One of his fellow adventurers wants the magic hogseye. However, the powerful and wicked Beastmonger also covets the enchanted object, and he will stop at nothing to get it—not even murder.

A story of true friendship, lasting faith, and willing sacrifice, The Taming is the first installment of the Refuge Chronicles—an adventurous trilogy about a young shrew, his newly-discovered purpose, and the ancient conflict between Light and Darkness.

Great story, with a few interesting twists I hadn’t seen coming. It’s written toward a younger audience (tweens and middle graders) but as an adult, I enjoyed it as well. It sounds like a great book to read with your kids, if you have any.

Thutter McClutter is pretty hilarious. Not just his name, but his actions, and basically everything about him. The book is light fantasy, and it always borders between being serious and being hilarious, which is a mix I’m sure kids will love.

An interesting start to a promising series.


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