Author Interview with Danae Samson for Burn Book Tour

28 Jan


We’re hosting an interview with Danae Samson, author of horror / thriller novel “Burn”. Enjoy!

1)          First, tell us about yourself – where you live, your family, and those sorts of details.

I was raised in southern California and have spent most of my life there.  I have also lived in Portland, Oregon and Boston, Massachusetts, both of which have had an impact on my writing.  I have taught English for close to eight years and currently work with students prepping for the SATs.  Teaching has given me the opportunity to apply my love of writing to a very practical need: education.

2)      How long have you been writing?

I have been writing, creatively, since I was eleven.  I have written poems, songs, short stories, and academic essays, but horror fiction has always been my favorite.

3)          Do you have a favorite place to write?

No, and I should.  I am currently struggling with this conundrum and it has directly affected my productivity as a writer.  The need to write is so strong that I try to be flexible, but having a designated place or way to write, I think, is crucial.

4)          Why did you decide to write Burn?

I attended a faculty meeting about what to do in the event of an active shooter on campus.  I left the meeting unsettled, angry, and scared.  I went home, put down my bags, grabbed my laptop, and wrote the first four pages of Burn in 20 minutes. It was evident to me then that I wanted to discuss, analyze, and address my feelings about this new plague facing schools.  Burn is that process.

5)          Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

I am completely biased because my favorite character in the book is John Lewis, whom I modeled after myself.  He was my opportunity to be represented in a story that, I felt, was reflective of my own life, concerns, and feelings.  John helped put those feelings out there and examine them (and myself) in a way I had never done before.  It was a very cathartic experience.

6)          How about your least favorite character?  What makes them less appealing to you?

Simon was a complete nightmare to write.  I had to constantly revise his dialogue to be consistent with that of a sociopath and the research for his character was endless, not to mention unsettling.  He was the epitome of everything that scares me as an educator and to face him every day and write for him was an immense challenge.

7)          Do you proofread/edit your own books or do you get someone to do that for you?

I always do two rounds of editing after I finish a manuscript.  The first is grammatical.  I go through and fix the odds and ends that I missed during the flow of construction.  The second revision is for content.  Does the story work?  Are there any questions left unanswered?  Did I cut any corners or leave anything out?  At the completion of these two efforts, I feel the book is ready for submission.

8)   Tell us what you’re working on at the moment.

I am dabbling in a bit of historical fiction and tweaking it to stream into a horror story.  I love incorporating historical facts into a fictitious plot.  It is great fun to see real life dancing with fantasy characters in a world that is part true and part play.

About Burn

Burn Front CoverTitle: Burn

Author: Danae Samson

Genre: Thriller, Horror

From the pen of Danae Samson, author of the terrifying debut, LAMENT HILL, comes her follow-up novel, BURN: The Casual Slaughters of Simon Green.

Violence comes to the small Californian college community of Riverhearst as a group of students and teachers are forced to confront a sociopathic killer targeting students.  But what is more frightening is that this killer appears to be one of their own…

Prepare to experience the neuroses and the casual slaughters of Simon Green.

Prepare to experience the horror of a town BURN!

Author Bio

DANAE SAMSON - AUTHOR OF BURN & LAMENT HILLBorn in Southern California and educated in Portland, Oregon, Danae Samson’s debut novel, Lament Hill, is a testament to her life on the west coast. Samson received her Bachelors and Masters degree from Portland State University and went on to teach English at four colleges in California and Washington. In 2011, Samson decided to pursue her writing full time and signed with Media Aria CDM in the spring of that year. In addition to the release of Lament Hill, Media Aria CDM will publish Samson’s second novel, Burn: The Casual Slaughters of Simon Green in 2013. Samson has recently finished her third novel, also a work of fiction, and has begun the construction of a fourth manuscript. Samson currently lives in Carlsbad, California.


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