Book Excerpt The One You Feed

4 Jan


We’re sharing an excerpt with you today from a young adult horror novel entitled “The One You Feed”. Enjoy!

Book Excerpt

Toby slowly reached for the door handle with one hand, keeping his revolver aimed with the other. He wrapped his fingers around the brass knob, waited another moment, then twisted his wrist and yanked the door open.

A huddled seven-year-old, Greta Wheeler, stared back at him with wild, terrified eyes. Toby allowed himself a second to exhale.

“It’s okay, Greta,” he said as he stepped into the closet and knelt down to her eye level. “I’m going to get you out—”

Toby went silent as a guttural growl emanated from behind the open door. He glanced at the plywood to his right, the round brass knob and the umbrella hanging from a white plastic hook, and imagined the hulking creature, fangs bared, standing directly on the other side. He quickly stood up and tried to close the door to get a shot.

The Shaman werewolf lunged and smacked the door before Toby could step out of the way, sending it swinging shut with such incredible force that it took Toby along with it, slamming him hard against the doorframe. The impact rattled his ribs and forced the air from his lungs. It also caused the revolver to slip from his fingers, and he heard the weapon clank onto the closet floor.

After quickly nudging the door open just enough to get free, Toby closed himself and Greta inside the closet. Erupting into a fit of coughs and groans, he began searching frantically for the gun. Greta screamed as a claw burst through the door, splintering the plywood. Toby shoved her to the rear of the closet while ducking to avoid the beast’s flailing paw.

The werewolf’s head came smashing through next, and Toby leapt back farther, grabbing a hold of Greta and pressing her as firmly as he could against the rear wall. The creature’s fangs snapped shut, no more then half a foot away. Toby could feel droplets of the beast’s saliva on his arms, its breath on his cheeks.

Then he spotted the revolver right below its jaw.

The One You Feed

THE_one_you_feed_cropped2Title: The One You Feed

Author: James Drummond

Genre: YA Horror

Like most kids who grew up in the small Oregon town of Silver Falls, Toby Hoffman had heard all the scary stories about the monsters living in the neighboring woods of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Now a teenager, he knows the stories are made up to keep the town’s children from wandering where they aren’t wanted.

Then his best friend, Nate, wakes up covered in blood in the reservation woods, with no recollection of whose blood it is or where it came from. When even more brutal attacks follow, Toby can’t help but wonder if one of the fables he was told as a child might be true. With the help of Rachel, a determined Native American girl who has moved off the reservation and into the house next door, he begins searching for an explanation for the recent carnage. He also develops feelings for his new neighbor, which are put to the test when he and Rachel discover that her uncle may be responsible for the emergence of a legendary monster that does in fact exist.

To make matters worse, there’s evidence that Nate was turned by the beast, and that he has every intention of holding onto his extraordinary new creature capabilities no matter the cost. In order to save Silver Falls from a true scary story, Toby will have to face off against forces he doesn’t fully understand – and his closest friend.

Author Bio

IMG_9862James is the author of The One You Feed and Something Wiccan – the first two books of the Out of the Dark series. He lives in Chicago, Illinois with his girlfriend Angela and two cats named Tim and Ruby. During the day James is a Senior Instructional Designer for an e-learning development company, where he writes activities and scenarios to educate learners on a wide array of topics—from fast food to PTSD therapies. A Graphics Designer at the company, Wojtek Batko, designs the covers for James’ books.


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