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16 Nov


We’re hosting a guest post today for “Shelf Life”, a contemporary romance novel. I’ll leave the word to Christina George, author of “Shelf Life” now.

When Pigs Fly and Other Harrowing Publicist Stories

I have a friend who does freelance publicity, she’s a brave soul. Back when I did freelancing (before my New York publishing days) I was never at the mercy of people who, hmmm, for lack of a better term, went off their meds. With so many people writing books, it’s a brave (and often frightening) new world. So, this guy who she worked with three years ago writes to ask her if she’d like to promote his next book. Freelance publicists love return authors, it’s always great when you can work with someone again so, of course, she wrote him right back and offered him marketing ideas and pricing for his new tome. What she got back from him was rather interesting.

He was “highly insulted” that she’d ask him for money when he had paid her already.

Um, three years ago.

He said he expected her to market him again and, in fact, market him till he was successful. He said he was furious that their conversation had taken this turn, and would await her immediate response.

Wait, is that a pig flying around?

She has a good sense of humor about this (also, drinking helps), she called me and said, “I wonder if we can try this with stuff, like, I dunno, vacations. ‘Hi, I know I flew your airline to New York two years ago, now I’d like you to take me to Maui, I didn’t enjoy New York that much, I’m hoping you’ll fly me around till I enjoy myself.”

What makes people think they can do this? I mean, seriously? He also said that he was insulted that she touted authors on her website and didn’t mention his book.

Wow. Anger management much?

Freelance publicists are some of the bravest souls in the industry. At least I have a high tower and guard at the front door to keep the crazies out, also, if things get too hairy we send people on tour to places like Bald Nob, Arkansas and Bobo, Alabama. I think pigs do actually fly there.

Note to authors: never jack with your publicist.

Christina George

Shelf Life

18068418Title: Shelf Life (The Publicist Book Two)

Author: Christina George

Genre: Contemporary Romance

“…this book grabbed my interest from page one. I’m sure Ms. George has more than a few industry insiders chuckling at her stories and cringing at how close to home they hit.”

Scandalicious Book Reviews

Shelf Life:

The Publicist Book Two


The story only an insider could tell.

Publishing: An industry of out-of-control of egos, unrealistic expectations, and books with the shelf life of milk.

This is Kate’s world, but for how long?

When one of Kate Mitchell’s star authors is carted away in handcuffs, she thinks it’s only the beginning of her troubles. As her world crumbles around her, Kate desperately looks for anyone to hold onto but finds that happy endings are truly works of fiction. When her career and love affair hit their expiration date, Kate sets off on a new adventure….

Starting over in California is easy, but Kate soon learns that leaving her old life behind isn’t. Nicholas Lavigne is eager to help her forget, but two things still own her heart, the dream of discovering the next great American novel, and MacDermott Ellis.

As Kate tries to rebuild her life she finds a surprising gift that reboots her career in a new and unexpected direction. Suddenly her name becomes synonymous with one of the biggest bestsellers publishing has seen in ages and she’s welcomed back with open arms. At the height of her success the ghosts of her past come back to remind her of the world she’d been trying to forget and the man who never let go of her heart.

Behind the book, there’s always more to the story.

 Welcome to Publishing, the ego has landed.

“The Publicist is great chick lit!” Elizabeth Barbarick, Stuffed Shelves

“Very well written with a great cast of characters.” Kindles & Wine Book Blog

Author Bio

Christina GeorgeI’ve worked in publishing for twenty years (give or take). Here’s what this book isn’t. It’s not a slam against publishing (though it is broken) and it’s not a slam against authors (though some of them are crazy). This book is not autobiographical though many of the stories are true. No you won’t know which ones, hell it’s more fun to guess, right? I continue to work in publicity and help authors because at the end of the day I do love books, I love publishing, and I love authors. I hope you’ll enjoy this romp through Kate’s world as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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