Book Review Changing Tide

26 Oct

18627754Title: Changing Tide

Author: DP Denman

Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

Purchase: Amazon

For Jack Lewis love comes from unexpected places…so does tragedy. When David arrived on Vancouver Island, he was just another tourist looking to charter a boat. A few hours on the water together proves he is more than that. As a world traveler, David is a man of mystery who has been everywhere and seen everything.

Attraction draws them together but an attempt at a meaningless fling fails one touch at a time when Jack feels more than he thought he would. The love affair sparks fear in David and jealousy in Emerson, the man who frequents Jack’s bed in a relationship that is all sex and no soul.

At odds with the men in his life Jack tries to talk David into staying and Emerson into going. The attempt sends things spinning out of control and he struggles with the consequences that could leave him empty handed.

When Jack met David, he was nothing more than a tourist looking to charter a boat. But spending some time together may change their life forever. Jack feels attracted to David, a man of mystery, street-savviness, and a free spirit. He’s seen the entire world, and offers a fascinating viewpoint to Jack, who felt trapped in his current relationship with a man named Emerson, who may share his bed, but who doesn’t hold his heart.

While Jack feels more attracted to David than he thought possible, he’s torn between the two men in his life, his own feelings and his fragile heart.

I loved Jack. He’s a very sincere character, and he’s genuinely torn about what’s happening. I liked how he opened up to David, how David was able to pull him out of an abyss of emotionless relationships, and show him something else is possible as well.

The writing was pretty decent. The author managed to create suspense, character development, and a romance that actually developed.

The only part that kind of disappointed me was the ending. I’d hoped this would be a light-hearted, but nevertheless heart-warming read. The ending was surprising, and emotional, but not entirely in a good way. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so you’ll have to find out yourself.


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