Book Review Sunbolt

14 Jul

sunbolt_coverFNL_toshareTitle: Sunbolt

Author: Intisar Khanani

Genre: Fantasy

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The winding streets and narrow alleys of Karolene hide many secrets, and Hitomi is one of them. Orphaned at a young age, Hitomi has learned to hide her magical aptitude and who her parents really were. Most of all, she must conceal her role in the Shadow League, an underground movement working to undermine the powerful and corrupt Arch Mage Wilhelm Blackflame.

When the League gets word that Blackflame intends to detain—and execute—a leading political family, Hitomi volunteers to help the family escape. But there are more secrets at play than Hitomi’s, and much worse fates than execution. When Hitomi finds herself captured along with her charges, it will take everything she can summon to escape with her life.

Action, adventure and magic is wonderfully combined in this fantasy novella by author Intisar Khanani. Hitomi, our main character, has learned to hide her magical aptitude and who her parents really were ever since she was left an orphan at a young age. She’s a mamber of the notorious Shadow League, an underground movement that wants to undermine the powers of a terrifying and corrupt arch mage named Wilhelm Blackflame. Hitomi volunteers to help a leading political family escape when the Shadow League finds out Blackflame is after them. But then Hitomi gets kidnapped along with her charges and she may have to use her magic to save them all.

Hitomi is an intriguing character. She’s strong and brave, but at the same time she isn’t arrogant about it. She offers a likeable heroine, and she has a great sense of humor as well. I liked the plot unraveling around the characters. This novella is certainly a set-up for later events, but it doesn’t read like that. All right, so there are a lot of secrets left unresolved – which drove me crazy sometimes, but I can live with that – but the book offers a fast-paced story, jumping from one major event to the other without ever reading like something choppy. Intisar Khanani has an excellent writing style, offering a great mix of detail and action. Highly recommend to people who like fantasy novels, or good writing in general.


One Response to “Book Review Sunbolt”

  1. Intisar Khanani July 14, 2013 at 9:55 pm #

    Thanks so much for your review of Sunbolt! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it. LOL – sorry about all those unresolved secrets! There’s even a couple I’m hoping my characters will let me in on soon. What can you do?

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