Book Excerpt from Hot Spring

18 Apr


I’m hosting an excerpt from Hot Spring today! The excerpt is quite long and also has some very funny passages.

Book Excerpt: A lord soaks in a hot spring.

Perhaps it is best to start here. I entered the water, and my thoughts disappeared. The heat moved upward, from my feet to my waist and finally over my shoulders that were resting on the stone wall of the circular bath.  O-Ume’s soft white hand slipped away from mine, taking my towel away. My robes were in the care of her attendants, who were watching me from the side.  It was my daily ritual, but the hot spring water never failed to bring me joy. The female servants smiled as they readied themselves with their bamboo scoops. Bathing has always been my favorite duty of the day.

As my muscles relaxed, I peered into the window. In the garden, a large rock rested in the centre, and its dark rough surface overwhelmed the smooth white pebble placed next to it. Yet the polished round pebble seemed brighter in the sun and was exceptionally adorable. Raked grey sand filled the bottom space, while the blue sky stretched to the top corners of the bamboo frame. The view of the garden had always been this beautiful and simple. Today, a strange new thought entered my mind. Would the heavy large rock fall over and disturb the arrangement? Unexpectedly, a page arrived at the very next moment.

The page boy made an effort to be quiet but he could not escape my attention. His footsteps could be heard and his head casted a shadow on my papered door. His strong manner of breathing was a contrast to that of my lady servants. Since my ritual was now complete and delay on my part would be inconsiderate, I pushed myself out of the circular bath and returned my feet to the floor. O-Ume dried my skin with a larger towel and helped me to put on my hakama.  Her attendants were gleefully scooping out the green water from the bath. They sang:


The sweetest man in the rustic hut,

Has the softest touch and the biggest heart.

He sits simply in the vessel in the sky,

And liquid jade is delivered to all those of high.

Yet he glows to those of low,

And gives a scent when the waters flow

Moving like the greatest good,

His essence is best enjoyed with food.


As heaven would have it, our blissful group was due to be separated.  O-Ume slid open the shoji and I stepped into the main room. The page was seated on the straw-matted floor.

I gave my greetings, “Your patience fills my being with gratitude. Please speak of your message.”

“Then this lowly one shall proceed.”  He unrolled the scroll in his hand and cleared his throat.

“Her High Highness, in her divine wisdom that pierces through the realms of the Eastern Heaven, has assigned your Lordship, Ochanokamisama, to an important mission in the Western Paradise. Your Lordship is required to display your nature, and forge stronger relations with the foreign empire. With immediate effect, your Lordship is to embark on this mission alone, for a period of time that will be decided by the highest authority of the Western Paradise. During this assignment, your Lordship will obey the command of the Western Paradise so long as it does not conflict with your nature and your current relationships.”

About Hot Spring

god-chuck-ebook-cover-webuse-lge-201x300The Wonderful Adventures of Godfrey and Chucky

Godfrey is young, wealthy and able-bodied. He has all the women you can imagine, and unbelievably deep pockets. But Godfrey wants more. His Great Greatness wants to rid the world of a menacing scourge, and restore what is truly superior to an elevated position. Why would anyone stop him? Who could possibly stop him?

Chucky arrives as the new assistant, and tries to perform every duty that is handed to him. What challenges for a dull servant! Look at him muddling through! With passports of exclusive privilege, the two adventurers make a splash in tropical Langkawi, where the water is blue and the girls are brown. Then they rendezvous with the locals in Singapore, where pleasures are plentiful and multicolored. Food and money are found in piles. Life in a global city should be, possibly, one of uninterrupted leisure…shouldn’t it?

Desire is a seductively red piece of jade, which resides even in our dreams.


“I am a healthy, strong and sexy male with a life, most of it sex life.” – Godfrey Mann

”I did not know how to reply, since the words were difficult to speak.” – Chucky

Author Bio

webuseprofilepicI committed myself to writing playful and profound books for discerning readers of good taste. I hope to give to my readers delightful characters in moving scenes that will help all of us to appreciate life better.

I have lived in parts of Asia, USA and Europe, so I hope to combine these diverse experiences to craft some great literature.


Author Website:

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One Response to “Book Excerpt from Hot Spring”

  1. Daitoku Daiichi April 19, 2013 at 3:22 am #

    Thanks for the kind feature, Jen and Jess. There’s a free preview downloadable at the Kobo website. We are also working out giveaways, so I’ll keep you posted.

    Gratitude is present in my being (Arigatou Gozaimasu.)

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