Book Review Ganges Boy

30 Mar

16087604Title: Ganges Boy

Author: Archana Prasanna

Genre: Fiction / Coming of Age / Drama

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Ganges Boy is a profound coming of age tale, set against the backdrop of the fascinating city of Varanasi, India. Kabir is an orphaned adolescent slumdog struggling to cope with the loss of his murdered mother. He tries to navigate the harsh reality of street life before getting submerged in a foreign world of luxury where he is forced to discover his own self-identity. The riches of his new life are overshadowed by the greed and immoral behavior he witnesses. This is the story of good and evil, riches and poverty, and the fight of a boy to keep his ideals no matter where he is. Kabir’s journey is emotionally engaging as his colorful experiences give insight into the lives of street children in Varanasi.

I enjoyed reading Ganges Boy. The story takes place in a small town in India. Kabir, the main character, barely escaped when his mother was murdered, by diving into the Ganges River. From then on, he tries to find a way in life on his own, struggling to stay alive. But several years later, his grandfather, a wealthy lawyer from the big city, shows up on the doorstep of his small hut to offer him a new existence, away from poverty and the harsh life he’s come to know. Can Kabir keep the ideals he made up for himself while navigating through a whole new world?

Kabir was an interesting, enjoyable character. He had a simple, but intriguing view on life. There was good and bad, some shades in between, but he wasn’t eager to judge people. He also had a survivor’s attitude – even after everything that happened with his mother, he still wouldn’t give up. I admired that about him, and I was cheering him on as he struggled to survive on the streets of Varanasi. I also liked his best friend, who seemed like a great guy. Didn’t feel much for the grandfather though – got a weird vibe from him always right away.

The story leads us from the small town to a bigger city, and as the city expands, so does Kabir’s life. I like coming of age stories, but this is the first one I’ve read set in India, and it was a great experience. Kabir’s story is inspiring and a delight to read.


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