Book Excerpt from Celebrating The Journey

19 Jan


We’re hosting an excerpt from non-fiction book Celebrating The Journey today!

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The problem with the truth is that it hurts! Part of the reason why the truth hurts is because within you, you know it’s the real deal. The amazing thing about truth is that it requires us to do some self-examination and determine the root of our issue or understanding. Most people don’t want to get to the root of the issue because it requires change! I can tell you from personal experience, that it is easier to accept the lie because accepting false information is comfortable and doesn’t require any work or change on our part. Discovering, embracing, and carrying out the truth requires us all to change! Another problem people have with the truth is that it puts you face to face with responsibility. Yet another problem with truth is that it can cause fear or anxiety because we may have to walk into a new and unfamiliar situation that may require us to cut off friendships or move to a new place. Embracing truth can bring about fear of the unknown. Another problem people have with the truth is that no matter the excuse, you can’t argue with it – it is what it is. These problems with the truth are keeping so many people stuck on the toxic merry-go-round, which causes nothing but stress and drama today. It is time to get off the toxic merry-go-round, there are more important things to do such as becoming whole and influencing others for the better.

About Celebrating The Journey

9780615651446.MAIN_.jpg-199x300Title: Celebrating The Journey, Rediscovering Me

Author: Ashley Hill

Genre: Motivational, Self-Help, College
Ashley Hill is excited yet nervous about her first year of college. She has an encounter that sends her life on an unforgettable path. She begins on a journey in pursuit of her authentic self to become a whole person again and fulfill her destiny. This candid account of her story will leave readers inspired and encouraged to accomplish their dreams.

Author Bio

FB pictureAshley Hill is a college success coach who brings her knowledge, expertise, and compassion to helping middle and high school students and their families to successfully prepare for college. She is the host
of her weekly show, College Prep Radio and the author of Celebrating the Journey: Rediscovering Me, a motivational book for teens.

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