Book Excerpt from “More Than I Wanted” Book Tour

21 Dec


We’re hosting an excerpt from the “More Than I Wanted” book tour today. “More Than I Wanted” is a contemporary romance novel written by author Ava Catori.

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I could almost hear my heart beating, and the second hand ticking on the clock. We were silent, but lost in a magical moment. Everything slowed down, and as Austin kissed me passionately, I knew something was happening between us.  After another delicious kiss, we broke for air.

Wow, just wow.

“What’s for breakfast?” he finally asked, breaking the silence. I was stunned, still standing there, lost in the dream that was his kiss.

“Huh?” I wore a goofy smile.


I laughed, “Oh yeah, that. I hope eggs and toast work; I don’t have much more, other than cereal.”

“Sounds great,” he said, “how can I help?”

“Sit down.” I said pulling out a chair, “I’ll take care of it.”  I was deliriously happy.

I was standing at the stove, watching the eggs when the phone rang. “Just let it go to the machine,” I said, letting him know he didn’t have to answer it. I had no interest in talking to anyone. If it was

More Than I Wanted

morewant-cover1-200x300Title: More Than I Wanted

Author: Ava Catori

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Kate Tanner sees everything she wants in Austin. After falling for a charming and handsome military man, Kate realizes he may not return her feelings.

Will Austin fall in love with Kate, or has he hardened from past hurts? Just as he starts to warm up, things are turned upside down. Kate and Austin have to decide if their feelings are worth fighting for, or if walking away will be beneficial to them both.

With the threat of being separated, can Kate and Austin find a way to make things work? Having Austin in her life is more than Kate ever wanted, but she’s learning he’s all that she needs.

Author Bio

nov2012-240x300Ava Catori spends her days tied to her keyboard, being happiest there. With a passion for storytelling, she gets lost in the details of building characters and analyzing their thoughts. With a conversational tone, she entertains with fast, fun reads. There’s nothing she likes more than putting a couple together, only to tear them apart so they can find their way back to one another.

Ava resides in New Jersey, but sneaks away to Florida as often as she’s able. She’s happily married to a patient man, who has the ability to sustain long hours of rambling thoughts spilling from her non-stop. With the company of three dogs and a cat, she sets her writing schedule around their inability to coordinate their potty breaks.

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