Book Tour: Book Excerpt from The Chick Flick Project

8 Nov

We’re hosting an excerpt from “The Chick Flick Project” today. “The Chick Flick Project” is a romance/comedy novel by author Courtney Elliott.

Book Excerpt


Okay, this one should be easy, which is why that’s where we are starting. In case you have never seen the movie, You’ve Got Mail, then here you go:

The Original: It is about a young woman (played by the ever lovely, Meg Ryan) who owns a small bookstore. Soon her business is threatened when the rich man on the block (played by the kind of in some way handsome, Tom Hanks) brings his totally awesome big store to right around the corner. Now all the while in person these two bicker about how he is destroying her business, and he’s so mean.

(*SPOILER ALERT*) However, the tables are turned when, come to find out, her email lover is none other than Mr. Big Shot Books. Needless to say, everyone gets a happy ending.

The Experiment: I’m not exactly high on funds, so I will have to skip the step of opening my own bookstore, and waiting for a big shot to come in and open one too. This leaves really only one step: getting an email lover.

In today’s society, love lives are pretty much ruled by social networking. I mean, today alone I have seen about 30 ads on TV about finding my perfect match. The easiest way to do this would be to start a Facebook account. Now I know this might make things a little different, but it’s close enough. I will not add a photo because otherwise there isn’t that mystery of who I could be talking to. I mean, I would know ahead of time if I was talking to big shot book man if he had a picture.

The Chick Flick Project

Title: The Chick Flick Project
Author: Courtney Elliott
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Ally Nichols is fed up with constantly putting herself out there to only be rejected again and again. After her most recent failure, she comes up with a solution. She decides to start modeling her love life after all of the big screen’s most recognizable love stories. Hilarity, heartbreak, mishaps and mayhem ensue. She hopes that maybe one of them actually figured out the secret to true love. The only problem: no one ever told her that sometimes your Hollywood Happy Ending is where you least expect to find it.

Author Bio

Courtney Elliott lives in a small town in Texas called Cleburne. She has been writing stories since she was eight years old. She’s an easy person to get along with. She loves making jokes, most of which are self deprecating. She’s not ashamed of who she is therefore not afraid to be herself. She may be young, but does not believe age should be a factor, her writing should speak for itself.


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