Book Tours: Book Excerpt from Intimate Strangers

12 Oct

The Book Daily is hosting an excerpt from Intimate Strangers today, a contemporary romance novel by author Anne M. Strick.

Book Excerpt

Her lashes were wet with tears.
Will. Dear Lord, this time let my will not fail -.
This time, let me keep a small boy safe.
Naked, temporarily satiated, forgetting already the man who lay sprawled asleep in her bed, Georgie stood at the window, rubbing her arms against the late June California chill, and prayed. Prayed to whatever God there might be. The moon threw into relief her sculptured cheek, her stubborn chin, her high full breasts, still trembling; the navel delicate as an almond in the subtle round of her belly, the narrow waist and generous curve of hip.
She was not classically beautiful, the woman who gazed, unseeing, out at the dark. Rather, she was tall and richly made and ineffably sensuous. Handsome.
In the lunar light, a pagan earth goddess. A goddess not in her first youth, a goddess showing, in the fine lines beneath the slight Tartar tilt of her amber eyes, the wear of life – yet somehow more seductive for it.
Her magnetism, the sexuality that pulled men as flies to sweets, was stronger than mere beauty.
And she cared not a damn for any of it. She cared only that this time – this time -. Guiltily she brushed at her eyes.
Her father’s imperative reverberated down through the years. “Allcheks,” he had commanded so long ago, fixing her with a meaningful stare as the emergency room nurse had comforted her and the doctor wrapped her badly broken arm, “never cry. They tough it out.”
Greg sighed and turned over in the bed behind her.
Go, she said silently to him. Leave. Turning away from the window, she picked up the trousers he had dropped in haste on the floor and tossed them at him. He mumbled sleepily.
“Time to go,” she said aloud. As politely as she could.
“Time to go,” she said again. “Sorry, but I’ve got an early day tomorrow -.”
He sat up, pulled up the trousers, reached for his shirt.
“I thought-.”
They never got the message. None of them.
“No. No one spends the night. Ever.”
Naked still, careless of her lushness, she founds his socks, let him gently cup her chin and kiss her cheek and – in abrupt remorse at her curtness, at her failure to care enough, at her inability indeed to love any of the men in her life – spontaneously lifted on bare toes and kissed him back.
“Sleep well,” she said, softly.
And forgive my flawed heart.

About Intimate Strangers

Title: Intimate Strangers
Author: Anne M. Strick
Genre: Contemporary Romance

This wonderful book is the first to focus on one aspect of man’s inhumanity to child that has crossed my path many times: that confusing world of adoptions. Anne M. Strick artfully sets up parallel adoption scenarios that immerse the readers in the very heart of the characters – birth parents, adoptive parents, and most importantly, the hearts of children themselves. With this book, she gives us the impetus to legally, practically and morally move to fulfill for our children the promise of the Pledge of Allegiance – “With Liberty and Justice for All!” Heart-catching, suspense, hot tears and hot sex.

Author Bio

Anne M.Strick has spent over twenty years in the movie industry. She has worked for Universal, Warners, Paramount and EMI, as a Unit Publicist, Project Coordinator and National Publicity Director, and with such Hollywood legends as Jack Nicholson, James Earl Jones, Sean Penn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Lynch, Sting and Dino De Laurentiis, among many others. She has published theater reviews, articles in Parents Magazine , Frontier and The Nation, and six books: two novels, two self-help books, one memoir (a best-seller in Italy); and a non-fiction, scholarly critique of our adversary trial system. (”remarkable”) . Born in Philadelphia, and educated at Bennington College and UCLA, she lives in Los Angeles.

Author Website | Goodreads

Purchase from : Amazon (Kindle) | Amazon (Paperback) | Smashwords | B&N


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